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We understand that the desire to be in a safe place is your concern. We have the same desire and goal for you and our staff as well. Download the Pocket Salon App and prepare yourself to discover an easier way to check-in and check-out at Nātura Salon. All you have to do is use your same log-in and password that you use for online booking.

Pocket Salon will allow you to make your appointments, talk to your stylist about your needs and pick out products all before setting foot in the salon. The best part is that this will provide a touch-less check-in and check-out option.

We want you to to feel good about coming into our salon and save time while doing so!

Pocket Salon App
Service Adjustments

Service Adjustments

Maintaining proper social distancing and safety guidelines will require alterations to the services that we offer in the salon. Allowing for additional time to implement the proper protocols while addressing the priority needs of our guests will require an adjustment including additional time added to services to allow for proper sanitation and cleaning before the next guest.


Service Options:


We are offering service options for your comfort. However, these options do not come with a discount and will reflect the full price for services performed.

Dry Cutting

Blow Drying

Add ON Services

At Home Ritual


Dry Cuts will be an option for any guest who would like to spend as little time in the salon as possible. We ask that you come to the salon with FRESHLY CLEAN and DRY hair. We will add product and do any flat ironing or curling if that is desired. We will NOT do any dry cutting services on anyone with dirty hair. 


Blow Drying is a service that we can continue to do if you wish. There is no mandated hold on this service. We will, however, skip the blow dry process if you prefer to spend as little time as possible in the salon. 


Add On Services are still being offered but are limited to deep conditioning treatments, glossing treatments, botanical therapy treatments. 


At Home Rituals, as always, we will be happy to discuss any products that we are using in your hair as well as products that you may need to take home. WE will replenish your items and place them in a bag for you. At this time we are asking our clients not to touch any of the product shelves. We are also unable to provide samples or testers of any products at this time.
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